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Dr. Jessie Bech offers an array of cosmetic services.   She believes the smile is more than just your teeth.   As a dentist she is trained to study people's faces, the symmetry, the proportions, the musculature, the nerves and the anatomy.  Dr. Bech spent a large amount of time studying the face and this gives her a unique advantage when it comes to dealing with signs of aging or the appearance of one's look.  She specialize in changing smiles not just by changing teeth, but by using Botox & fillers, erasing fine lines and wrinkles giving our patients a more youthful appearance.  

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Jen Bonner offers a variety of medical grade aesthetic services to fit the individual needs of each and every client. With a background in Exercise Science and many years spent working in the health and fitness industry, Jen is very passionate about helping others to live a healthy lifestyle. She has always believed that good health begins on the inside and works its way out, which is why she decided to expand her focus to specialize in skin care. Jen is a licensed medical esthetician and believes that healthy skin is a sign of overall wellness. Of course taking care of your skin is a very important proponent of this and it is her goal to provide each client with personalized skin care treatments and solutions to give them that healthy, radiant, flawless skin.


We are pleased to announce the completion of our new Private Dental Spa facility!


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